TESTIMONIAL by Karuna Madan

Dear Shalini Menon,

This is my testimonial of my experience with Bowen and its miracles that you have introduced me to!

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in April 2016. It was one of the lowest moments of my life. The crippling pain surmounted by the continued fear of being disfigured haunted me every minute. To top it my family, including my two boys, who were being super supportive, was beginning to get neglected in tiny ways. That was really worrisome!

I had heard about Bowen therapy but it never struck me as something that could help.

Shalini, I want to thank you from my heart for the wonderful person that you are..your inner peace and strength shines across to anyone who meets you. The fact that I have recommended people to you even before I knew who you were speaks for itself...however I would still like to state the obvious to avoid any omissions

To be frank I was not really sure of what to expect when I came to you...all I knew was that it would not interfere with my current treatment (rheumatoid arthritis) and I was sure it couldn't make me any worse than what I already was. I couldn't have been more right!

On my very first session with you I realised that this was a very wise step that I had taken. And this belief was only strengthened in every consecutive visit. The physical relief from my pain, swelling and discomfort was almost instant (which I was not at all expecting) but the mental and spiritual reassurance that was provided surpasses any cushion that western medicines could provide!!

Thank you Shalini for the immense relief that you have brought to me. I hope that you continue your work and bring peace and health to many more. Your good work is only exceeded by your wonderful heart that heals!

Karuna Madan

TESTIMONIAL by Amrita sibal


With a packed schedule of work which involved a lot of travelling as I had a sales/marketing profile, I gradually developed slip discs in my L3 and L4 and had a very tender tailbone.

Initially, I was recommended to use a tyre tube to sit on for a period of 6 months by an orthopaedic and get myself treated with physiotherapy. It helped me for a while but after some time I had the problem again.

During my pregnancy too, I was advised not to sit more for than 4 hours a day due to pain and that was a difficult thing to do.

I suffered dengue after which my right knee started swelling and it became really difficult to even stand because the pain used to spread across my lower back due to swelling.
On consultation with the doctors, i was advised some medications, failing which he said i would have to either get operated or get some injection that could relieve me from the pain.I was terrified with the thought of the surgery or the injection on my spine.Then, started seeking help from other modalities hoping i was be better.

I started getting myself treated using acupuncture (sujok acupuncture) on someone's recommendation, but my health deteriorated even more.

Then my aunt, Mrs.Rashmi Pamnani, who is a Bowen practitioner at Pune, recommended me to try Bowen therapy and put me in touch with Helene Schreiner, who I must tell you is a wonderful person. My first treatment was when I could barely stand on my own feet. Guess what?? Just after the 1st session, I could stand on my own feet without any pain!!

If it was not for Helene and Bowen therapy, I would still not have been able to do what I am able to do today. Helene with her expertise used Bowen technique to perfection to help me get back to my normal routine and even more.

Today, I too am blessed to be a part of this academy and learning Bowen. I currently operate as a Student Practitioner at Bangalore.

Amrita Sibal


I am Tara Jain ( name changed for confidentiality as requested by client) and I tried Bowen Therapy which was treated by Tona Duggal.

Before going through Bowen I had chronic left ankle, foot and wrist pain, migraine, head heaviness, severe acidity, frequent urination, lower back pain, excessive bleeding and abdominal cramps during monthly cycle and sound sleep problem.

Now after undergoing 4 sessions of Bowen my acidity has reduced 95%, frequency of urination reduced 80%, lower back pain 80%, menstural bleeding and cramps lowered 80%, no migraine pain as of now, headache and back pain has lowered 60%. improvement in wrist pain.

Speaking of left ankle, the pain has been fluctuating since last session pain reduced by 40%. Overall there is improvement!

Would like to share this with everyone.....the wonders of bowen!!!

My story. How The Bowen therapy work is so supportive during life threatening crisis.


I would like to share my story of the year , my personal experiences with this wonder tool we call Bowen therapy, truly a gift for from God as Tom Bowen said and we are so fortunate to have in our life.

It so happened on 8th jan 2015 I was awakened to a terrifying call at 3am from my niece saying my mother was gasping for breath and had to be rushed to the hospital in an emergency. Holding mom on my lap on our way to the hospital I cried out to her to take deep breaths and give us a chance to help her and not to give up.

She was put on life support as she slipped into a coma caused by Pontine Haemorrhage.(a form of intracranial haemorrhage, is most commonly due to long standing poorly controlled chronic hypertension. It carries a very poor prognosis).

We had no choice then to just accept this reality and believe the medical reports. My family and the doctors in my family too had given up hopes of her surviving this trauma. I now very clearly remember asking this question to her Surgeon. I said to him, I believe that our body can choose to heal itself, do you support me on this ? And much to my amazement he said YES.

Now this was the turning point.. I chose not to believe anything the Reports or the ICU doctors said about her condition .. I only chose to believe just the opposite only trusting this to will all pass.

Previously my mom has received Bowen sessions from me and her body always has responded well to the treatments. She always vouched that it made her feel good.. So with this thought, 48 hrs later I entered the Icu with only one faith and belief that even in this condition Bowen has to do its work , it has to contribute in some way.

I remember doing only upper stoppers and supine respiratory with neck moves for the first time. Then almost everyday I did her eye moves(SPB2) as it was the easiest to do with all her tubes around her. As each day passed I grew confident that my mom will come out off this coma. Meanwhile I continued doing mini Bowen moves on her as and when I could lay my hands on her as she was still in the ICU-So opportunity permitting, I would definitely do brms 2 n 3 head n eye moves regularly.

Then one day in March ie almost 2 and a half months later to the amazement of all, my Mom opened her eyes, she chose to come back.. Every staff and her doctors would say it is a Miracle She came back with full awareness and consciousness.

Once her life support was out I went full out with all the complimentary healing modalities I have been practicing in my clinic such as application of oils etc., Bowen given the top priority. Time passed soon and her rehabilitation program started. She was made to do intense physiotherapy exercises for rehab and this gave me a better chance doing Bowen moves on her on the Physio table itself. I would do brm 1 and pelvic , knee, ankle moves .. Also neck , TMJ, shoulder , elbow wrist, moves, much to her attending physiotherapist curiosity. This aroused interest from them, and it gave me an opportunity to share about Bowen.

By end April, to our delight, Mom was discharged and got back home. Here I would like to share 2 incidents when Bowen once again worked in an emergency.

One day I was informed by my sister to go check out Mom as her feeding stomach tube ( the stomach peg) was choked so the feeds were not going through.. We tried all things possible but nothing seem to work getting feed down.. So just out of desperation and fear of taking mom back to the hospital I performed supine respiratory and Navel moves. Told the nurse to just let mom be and then after hour and a half I came back to try for the last time to get her feed down the pipe. To our surprise something in moms stomach plopped we all heared that and voila! feed went down. Looking back now I am sure Bowen did the trick here ..

On another recent occasion again Bowen saved the day..

Unfortunately mom developed severe lung congestion due to infection. It got so bad that she once again got breathless and had to be put on oxygen at home before the ambulance arrived.. You have to believe this, with the oxygen mask on her my mom was gesturing me to perform Bowen moves on her." Mom you want me to do Bowen now " ? and she so emphatically said yes. Once more supine respiratory done 3 time at intervals got her whole breathing calmed down and before the ambulance came she pulled the oxygen mask aside breathing perfectly normal.

Just unbelievable it happened in front of us.

Today we are doing our best to keep her comfortable and nursing her at home. Slowly and steadily mom is pulling on. I am continuing with our Bowen on her. The TMJ procedure at one point in time had helped mom to start swallowing and even got her voice back. But unfortunately at this point in time mom's condition requires her to be back on the tracheostomy given her set back.

But I do not give up hope, I know this too will pass and once again Bowen will do the magic. I call it THE MYSTICAL TOUCH.

Now just a verbal testimonial from my dear Aunt Dr Bakhtawar Dastur who is a well known practicing Urologist and Surgeon heading the department of Urodynamics in Safee Hospital in Mumbai and also in Gujarat. During one of her recent visits, she stated “Freny I came out crying after I met your mom and said she does not stand a chance.”

Farida had taken her uncle to her for consultation in July and when Farida told her she was my Bowen Instructor, she said to Farida that 'I give full credit to the therapy that Freny has done on her mother for her revival, for as a medical professional, I thought, in this kind of a condition she did not stand a chance'. She is now open to Bowen therapy as Farida suggested she should go for it herself to one of our Practitioners close by to her for her knees and even gave her Bowtech Ease to try.

She even recommends it to people and uses it herself.

With love and Gratitude

Freny Palia.


I was introduced to Bowen therapy when I saw a mention of it on the Life Positive website where the group had participated in an Expo in Mumbai.

I googled it and got some information through the net. I tried locating a practitioner but reached a dead end as the person did not get back to me.

One day in my Yoga class I came across Zenobia helping someone with Bowen and asked her the details. I am a fitness trainer and due to extremely pronated feet, and my very active lifestyle, I have multiple musculoskeletal issues .Plus my coccyx was extremely flexed and deviated to the right.

All the orthopaedic doctors had told me NEVER to walk barefoot or walk in flat footwear. I have spent enormous amounts of money on FMT and other treatments but the issues have never really been resolved.

I went to Zenobia with all these issues and after a few sessions I felt remarkably strong and free of multiple aches and pains. My feet felt stronger, the niggling pain in the tailbone vanished, and my lower back was comfortable. I also tried walking bare feet around the house and felt no strain anywhere in my body. Today I do a lot of barefoot training, jogging and exercises which have only made me strong to cope with my job. Today I go for treatment only once every month as maintenance.

Very soon I convinced my husband to try Bowen as he has prolapsed discs, old spinal injury and L5/S1 fusion. He too benefitted and that’s when I decided to become a therapist as well and joined the course in July 2015. I hope I can be instrumental in helping people some day. It is a wonderful, non invasive and highly effective treatment.

On My Dadś miraculous turnaround


I wish to put on records the state of health of my revered and aged father who is 98 years old, before Dipal Parikh started him on bowen therapy.

He had L1/L2 compression on his spine, sometime in 1st week of August with a perennial history of constipatioṇ The pain to even turn around from one side to the other was tremendouṣ We turned to Allopathy and the Orthopedicś reponse was to administer him pain killers(As it was a degenrative deterioration of the bones and as for his constipation problem dad had to consume Cremaffin to loosen the stools and enema the only remedy to help dad eject the same out!)

We had lost all hopes of any turnaround in Dadś case considering his advanced age!It was then we thought of trying out alternate therapy and we called in Dipal Parikḥ She already had a track record of curing my sister of her long standing Frozen Shoulder and Tennis elbow problems in just one sessioṇ. We knew there is no side reaction to Bowen therapy and there is nothing to loose!

However by the end of the first session with Dipal Parikh, my dad started sleeping well, and able to sit for a few minutes all by himself with no supporṭ At the second sitting, Dipal straightened Dadś polio affected leg and in the third session she fixed up his tail bone which was blocking the rectum ..

And now my Dad is able to sit and move about albeit slowly and able to pass stools two or three times a day all by himself without enema. We are positive with support from a walker frame he will be able to walk around inside the house and attend to his chores by himself...

This is nothing short of a miracle and we are so delighted and at a loss for words to thank the practioners of Bowen Therapy especially Dipal Parikh for her skill, dedication to give another lease of life to my Dad during his moon light years of his life ! My dad can now hope to enjoy quality of life with the near and dear oneṣ which was given up as a dream!

My heartfelt commendation to the founding father of this great holistic system of healing as well as to the selfless committed band of therapists who are trained under this system! May God Almighty shower His blessings on them to carry on their selfless work in alleviating pain of humanity..

I am proud to become a brand ambassador of the therapy in referring many "given up" cases to Bowen therapy for consideration for relief!


Ocular Myasthrini Gravis Resolved with Bowen


Dear Tejal,

First Of all I thank you very much for the BOWEN TREATMENT you have given to me of two sittings. I am very much happy with the result. Initially no one believed that these treatments would be so effective and the most amazing factor is that there are no medicines or diet control etc. - in this connection I want to narrate my experience,

The problem of dropping Eye lid started about 3-4 months back. After my cataract operations on both the eyes I use to visit an eye specialist for check-up because of family history we brothers have a weak retina. On my last visit to the doctor in July 2012 the problem of Eye Lid Dripping started. This also followed with weakening of Retina by dark spots etc.

Doctor suggested to visit another doctor who is a consulting Ophthalmic and eye surgeon. He made us do two tests i.e. 1) SINGLE FIBRE EMG AND T.ROD T3,T4,TS4 and the same were carried out at different hospitals because SINGLE FIBRE EMG is only possible at Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai. Results were on border i.e. not much on positive.

As he thought detail or root of problem can only be found out by Neurophysician he sent us to another doctor. Again he asked for some tests as he diagnosed this case as OCULAR MYASTHRNI GRAVIS - Then visit to his clinic started with list of medicines and different tests at certain time interval- to be frank we all got tired of this lengthy and expensive process. Meanwhile my elder son Bhavik suggested to take this Bowen Treatment even with the continuation of suggested medicines, so first treatment of Bowen was taken by middle of August 2012 and second was by early September.

Fortunately after First Treatment my Eye Lid Dropping problem was gone but I still had result of MYASTRNI on my face and jaws. Food was not circulating within mouth and every time I use to take water for help. Beside I had a problem of throat congestion, may be because of cold.

This was again explained to Tejal and she gave another special treatment and very much to my surprise All three major problems i.e. Eye Lid Dripping, Jaws Problem and throat congestion has gone completely and I am as great as before.

This treatment has proved boon to me and I thank God for timely Bowen Treatment which is really a Gift Of God.

I hope with another one or two sittings my problems will go for ever. Thanks to BOWEN THERAPY.

Prakash M Bhagat., (Age – 70 years)

Some comments on Bowen by Ruby Panda

Dear Tejal

Comments on Bowen

My daughter Ananya Panda is only 9 years old. But her milk teeth had started falling since she was the age of 6yrs. By 9 years, she had all her milk teeth replaced by permanent teeth. Ananya has a small frame and being only 9 years old, her jaw line is also small. Hence, the permanent teeth which had come, were not in a straight line but were overlapping each other. It was a case of crowding of teeth.

Due to this she does not give a hearty smile or a laugh and is always conscious about her teeth. I consulted a dentist and he said that she would have to put braces. Although she was only 9 years, her teeth's age was 12 years. But to put braces I would have to come to him when Ananya would be 12 years. At that time, my friend Tejal was learning Bowen and she said lets try Bowen treatment (TMJ and Upper Respiratory) on Ananya and see the results.

I agreed and accordingly, she started the treatment on 29th March 2010. After 3 sittings for 3 weeks, she changed her residence and went to stay about 5 Km away from me and so there were no furher treatments given to Ananya as Tejal was busy.

Then, on 10th June, ie. after nearly 2 months. I took Ananya for further treatment. Now, Ananya has a perfect smile, her teeth had all come in place. Her canines were still growing but they were in their place. And off late , I have noticed Ananya smile more often, showing off her teeth which earlier she was shy to show.

Thanks Bowen for making a great difference to Ananya. It was also not painful or time consuming as putting on braces would be. Once again, Thank You Bowen.

A testimonial by Dilip Chandak

This is to inform you that I, Mr. Dilip Chandak, was about to undergo a big slip disc surgery, but was saved by the wonderful Bowen work.

A few years back I fell somewhere and did not realize it at that time that it would end up in such a big issue. I just ignored it. But suddenly the pain started increasing. So I went to the orthopedic surgeon for the check up and he told me to take an X-ray and MRI and after when the reports were out, he told me about the slip disc. My disc had come out. First he suggested me to undergo traction and physiotherapy.

But as I was worried, I consulted few more orthopedic and neurosurgeons. Everyone said I had to get operated as early as possible as I would not even be able to move from one place to other. And as the days were passing, I started realizing the pain. The pain increased and it was really difficult for me to even walk. I was almost bedridden. So finally, at the doctor suggestions I got admitted in Poona Hospital underwent a course of traction of almost 16 kgs for 7 days. But I soon realized that it’s a temporary relief as I started experiencing pain immediately after the 7 days of Traction course. I continued traction for a month more, but I still did not experience relief from my now increasing pain. So the doctor decided that surgery would be the best option for me.

But just two days before the surgery, one of my friends called me and told me about Bowen Therapy and its effect. So I just thought of giving it a try and I went to Zenobia and had my first Bowen sitting.

And the results were amazing. Before the first sitting I was not even able to walk, but immediately after, I could feel the difference. I started walking on my own without taking the support. That was a miracle. So after the great effect of first sitting, I decided to continue with Bowen Therapy and operation was cancelled.

Now after 6 sittings, I am almost fine. Sometimes, I get jerks if I am riding the bike, but then again I take Bowen therapy for 2 months and it relieves the pain. After such an effective therapy, I sent almost 50 more clients to Zenobia and even they found the therapy effective for their particular cause. So I would like to thank Zenobia for my recovery and the great Bowen work she has taken up.

Recovering From Breast Cancer

I, Keti Dhankani have taken Bowen treatment from Freny Palia and would like to share the following.Three years ago, I was operated for breast cancer (Stage II) and ever since then my arm had became numb. I had no feeling of touch. My arm and fingers were also swollen to such an extent that I could not even hold things or do work with that hand. I went for the Bowen treatment and in the first sitting only, I found the swelling going down gradually and the entire arm became light and the tensed muscles became soft.

Now, there is no numbness in the hand at all. It was told by the doctors that the swelling would remain and that there was no remedy for it. But thanks to Bowen I have experienced relief in my arm and hand. After, the operation, I was lopsided with one shoulder up and the other down. I could not even walk straight. I used to go Zig-Zag on the roads. I used to fall down on the roads, very often. In short, my body structure had gone out of shape. All that was set right in just the first sitting. I got back my balance and the body structure became straight and normal.After the chemotherapy, my nerves had become weak and even slight pressure used to give me blue-black marks.

Now, even that problem is solved and I am as normal as ever before.The tuning done is so fine that in the first move only, I experienced that a deep, rhythmic, effortless breathing had started. I have also stopped getting cramps in my legs.I also had a dislocated ankle from the age of eleven. In just one sitting it was set right.There was pain and hardness round the breast, which always kept me in doubt and fear of suspected tumor. Even that was set right in just one sitting and most important, is that I feel out of danger, now.

I feel so free and my temperament has become very cool. I have gained back my confidence with the help of Bowen.The ailment had come to me as a blessing in disguise, because, if it were not for this, I would have never come to know about this wonderful technique.Thank you, Lord, for this opportunity of challenge on this planet of free choice and thank you, Lord for allowing me to be a part of this grand experience. With thanks and in full faith, I express my gratitude towards thee, for I know that the God within us is working.

Keti Dhankani.

Power Packed Technique

I, Bhajan Kataria, was operated for tongue cancer. On discharge from the hospital, I was told that there is another tumor at the beginning of the tongue (0.7 mm thick) and required to be operated on.

I firmly made up my mind to not go in for an operation, but instead try for an alternative therapy. So, I took Bowen Therapy from Keti Dhankani.My 100% determination to get cured without an operation helped me to surrender totally. Also, my faith in God and trust in the technique helped me to be more receptive.

After 4-5 sittings, I had a sonography done. And by God's grace the report was normal with absolutely no trace of the tumor.

Thanks to Keti Dhankani for introducing me to this power-packed technique. I sincerely want to express my gratitude towards the Bowen technique for getting me out of this problem.

Bhajan Kataria,
Ulhasnagor, India.

Letter of appreciation from Manav Foundation

Dear Farida,

Very warm greetings from all of us here at the MANAV Foundation!

As you are aware, Zeeba Shroff, trained under you and certified by the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia has been treating our clients at the Manav Rehabilitation Centre for three years now.

As a non-profit organisation which is dedicated to an inclusive society, the psychosocial interventions we use for the rehabilitation of adult individuals recovering from severe mental illnesses are constantly evaluated and assessed for their efficacy.

I would like you to know that this assessment has led us to the belief that Bowen Therapy has played a significant role in the recovery of many of the centre's clients. I briefly share with you our journey with Bowen Therapy.

  • Not having a clear-cut precedent indicating the efficacy of Bowen Therapy on individuals with severe mental illnesses, we began with a pilot group of 12 clients.
  • Clients were identified for this group by symptomology. Concrete symptoms such as aggression and depression were identified as criteria.
  • Having observed positive results such as noticeable reductions in depression and better handling of aggressive patterns within this group of clients over a period of 6 months, the decision to extend the treatment to all our clients was taken subsequently.
  • Currently, Zeeba treats 24 clients with more varying symptoms of restlessness, anxiety, hyperactivity, mania, and suspiciousness, once a week in two groups of 10 - 11 clients each.
  • As observed by us, Bowen Therapy has apparently facilitated a better handling of stress by the clients, has addressed bodily aches and pains which allow for more focus on other aspects related to their rehabilitation, has assisted one of our clients with the aftermath of a paralytic attack, and has mitigated the intensity of epileptic seizures among our clients.

We thank you most sincerely for providing the clients of our centre with this opportunity and are grateful to have Zeeba as a part of our team. We look forward to a continued association, which will undoubtedly contribute significantly to the sustained recovery of our clients.

Warm regards,

Binaifer Jesia
Director, MANAV Foundation

For donations to Manav Foundation please contact :
info@manavfoundation.org.in ; foundation.manav@gmail.com ; manavfoundation@asia.com
website : http://www.manavfoundation.org.in
Phone: +91 22-24368984, +91 22-65280145


For several years Freny Palia, Zeeba Shroff, Kaizeen Palia and Delna Sanghvi, have been performing the Bowen Technique for the boys at the Happy Home and School for the Blind in Mumbai, India. Headed by Freny, this dedicated team started with a group of 25 boys and the numbers have increased since then. The age of these boys range from as young as four to High School age. This is a free service and has helped the boys with a variety of problems such as A.D.D, A.D.H.D, autism, hearing impairment, periphery vision, gait, improvements in speech and depression. The boys are mostly from the slums of Mumbai and so a lot of them have anxiety which Bowen has helped to ease. The older boys have given amazing feedback on how they can concentrate on their studies a lot better.

Susan Ryan, an Australian Bowtech Therapist, worked in Mumbai with Farida in January 2010 and heard one boy say “What about the TMJ. I would like the TMJ done”. TMJ is just one of the many Bowen procedures used on the children that help to achieve positive outcomes.

The Seizure Protocol was started in June, 2006 at the Happy Home and School for the Blind by Delna Sanghvi after obtaining permission from Oswald Rentsch, Director of the Bowtech Academy of Australia, to teach Delna Sanghvi, Freny Palia and Zeeba Shroff this protocol as the School Principal, Ms Meher Banaji had asked if there was a Bowen solution to Epilepsy complimenting conventional medicine.

Delna Sanghvi is the practitioner who took this Epilepsy project on diligently and followed the 9 stipulated Bowtech sessions through. During the time of this project Delna has reported that the number and severity of Epileptic seizures has been reduced. Specifically for Epilepsy, the Bowtech Seizure protocol assisted and complimented conventional medicine.

Delna reports: June-Dec 2006: Of the 12 boys aged between 9 and 15. Only 6 had seizures and attacks were milder and fewer than before.

Jan-Apr 2007: 11 boys. Only 6 of 9 sessions were complete as school broke for summer vacation. 1 child had several attacks of mild intensity, while 2 of the remaining had only 1 attack during this time.

June-Nov 2007: 10 boys. The boy who had several attacks previously had only 3 during this 6 month period. 1 other child had 1 attack.

Jan-Apr 2008: Only 6 sessions completed before vacation. 10 boys. The child who was repeatedly the one to have some seizures had NONE during this time. 1 child had 1 short episode.

June Nov 2008:9 boys. This time the boy had 3 mild attacks after a long period with no seizures. 1 other boy who was new to the program had 2 attacks.

Sep 2009-March 2010: 5 boys. The child with 3 attacks during previous set had only 1 mild attack this time. However one child who began the program in Jan2008 had several long attacks of almost 20 mins sometimes on 4 occasions.

Delna writes: - I am confident however that ongoing Bowen will help in the long run.

She has recently written how humbled and proud she was to be able to share Bowen with the boys of the Happy Home and School for the Blind. - Delna Sanghvi – Mumbai.

Email: happyhome_school@hotmail.com
Website: www.happyhomeschoolfor the blind.org
For donations to Happy home and school for the blind please contact :

Email : happyhome_school@hotmail.com ; Tel : +91 22 2492 3198

Meher Banaji's Letter

Dear Farida,
Sending you a short report on the Bowen results at our school.



Voluntary work at the Happy Home & School for the Blind

Certified Therapists from the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia have been voluntarily treating some of the students of the Happy Home & School for the Blind, since 2003.

Ms. Freny Palia, Ms. Zeeba Shroff and Ms.Delna Sanghvi are trained by Ms.Farida Irani, who is the only recognized Bowen Therapy Instructor in India.

The therapists visit our school 2 or 3 times a month, and treat about 20 boys for various physical and emotional conditions.

Since 2006 – Ms.Delna Sanghvi has been conducting regular sessions of the epileptic protocol, treating about 12 boys with encouraging results. Notably, the epileptic attacks occur with far less frequency and intensity.

We have seen marked results in the following areas :

  • Students feel relaxed after the therapy, in turn helping them to concentrate better on academic and extra-curricular activities.
  • Slow learners have shown academic progress
  • Students who have undergone orthopedic surgery have shown marked improvement in their mobility and self confidence.
  • There has been amazing progress and improvement in students with speech impairment.
  • Boys having peripheral vision have reported improvement in their vision.
  • On the epileptic front, a student suffering from multiple seizures in January 2007, showed marked improvement with only 3 attacks during the June 2007 session and no seizures in the January 2008 session. This is indeed encouraging.
  • We are very happy with the progress shown by our children and are grateful to the Bowen therapists for their kindness, support and positive reinforcement.