Feroza Buchia, Purnoor Taraporewala, Kala Domadia, Wendy Kruck and our very dear late Navaaz Buchia in green with her lovely smile doing the hamstring procedure. Shirley Battiwala sitting in the back ground

Honouring this very wonderful and dedicated practitioner in India, who passed away sadly in 2008. Navaaz Buchia was a professor in psychology at the KC College for 39 years. She joined the Bowen class as she came for the very first open talk and related very well to it. She motivated her son Naushad and daughter Feroza to also learn Bowen and they are both accomplished practitioners today thanks to her inspiration. She herself was the heart and soul of Bowen In Mumbai and even took it to Bangalore with her whenever she visited her family there.


The Pune Team

From Left : Rashmi Pamnani, Tejal Bhagat, Farida Irani, Kavita Doshi, Zenobia Pajnigar, Vikram and Bhumi Doshi


One of the Pune practitioners, Tejal Bhagat practicing on Rashmi Pamnani